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Sara Douglass
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Axis has fled to talon Spike, the home of the Icarii, where he must learn to wield his Enchanter powers to fulfil the Prophecy. Somehow he must lead the Icarii and the Avar back into Achar, defeat his half-brother, Borneheld, and reunite the former kingdom of tencendor under his rule. Meanwhile, Gorgrael waits impatiently for winter, to continue his destructive drive into the heart of Achar.Douglass skilfully moves her characters through this fantastic world where family ties can be deadly and love does not always conquer all.'Sara Douglass makes her mark with this vivid, gritty saga brimming with treachery, action, bravery, and dark magic' - Elizabeth Haydon, author of Destiny.'this is storytelling at its best, with fast-paced action, gritty realism, powerful characters, magic and romance' - Romantic times.'Epic storytelling on a par with terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan' - Library Journal.

It allows Enchanted Books to be created by combining a Book and Quill with other items, along with the cost of some Experience Points (XP). Multiple items (and more XP) can be added to increase the enchantment level of the book.

Suddenly, as if by the touch of a enchanter's wand, he became just like his father. The Enchanter is a Crafter who is unlocked after purchasing the Jeweler and leveling any crafter to 25, they cost 60,000 to unlock. They turn Gems into Runes and use Crystals, Gems, and Runes to modify the stats of weapons, armor, and trinkets.