Hard Liquor

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Blair Babylon
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London trial lawyer Gen has managed to corral that randy colt His Lordship Arthur Finch-Hatten, the Earl of Severn, at least as far as anyone knows. In public, he seems to be behaving himself, but she's kind of gotten involved with her client in a way that the Bar's Ethics Committee would totally not approve of. With Arthur's impending trial in the House of Lords and the constant backstabbing in her law office, the last thing Gen needs is for Arthur to whisk her off to Paris for the social wedding of the century to schmooze the people who will decide his fate. Gen has broken all the rules, and she could very well end up with a broken heart. She needs a stiff drink, and it had better be hard liquor. Hard Liquor is the exciting conclusion to the Arthur Duet that begins with Stiff Drink.

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