Lethal Experiment

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John Locke
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Second in the breezy, fun and action-packed series (by the world's first 'Kindle Millionaire') featuring Donovan Creed, sees the former CIA assassin forced to choose between his thriving contract-killing business and his desire to live a normal life. Before that can happen, he has to take care of some lethal business ...What would it take to make you a killer?One day a total stranger walks into your home and offers you $100k in cash. The only condition is that if you do, someone will die. The twist is, that person has killed before. Would you take the money?When he's not working for the government Donovan Creed, former CIA assassin, runs a special line in contract killings. Right now he's involved in a crazed social experiment, but he's finding it hard to reconcile with his conscience...'Locke reminds me of a cross between Jim Thompson and Carl Hiaasen.' - Mike ShatzkinAbout the AuthorJohn Locke is the first writer to sell over a million self-published ebooks on Amazon. He has had 4 titles among the top 10 selling ebooks on Amazon simultaneously, as well as 6 of the top 20. He lives in Kentucky.

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Cart Lethal Experiment. A report into how the first CITES-approved ivory sale led to an increase in elephant poaching.