Blue Dragon

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Kylie Chan
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MARTIAL ARTS, MAGIC, DEMONS and SCIENCE the forces of Hell are poised to strike ...When Emma's relatives come to visit her, they are totally freaked out by what they learn ... Emma's beloved, John Chen, is a 3000 year old Chinese god. Not only that, John is becoming weaker by the day. Demons pursue him relentlessly, hoping to use Emma, and his child, Simone, as bargaining tools against him. Emma battles to defend Simone as John's energy is drained by the effort of both living in the mortal world and protecting them.While Emma is nagged by doubts about her own nature, she must find the courage to go on ...

Yet there is something about the relaxed vibe, the simple & elegant environment, the well-crafted drinks, the ... A blue dragon, found by 7-year-old Hunter Lane. (CNN)Here be dragons -- literally.

They primarily attack with magic, by shooting a Fire Bolt spell at the player, as well as both close-range and long-distance dragon breath. Blue dragons are the third strongest of the chromatic dragons, behind red dragons and black dragons. Like all dragons, they can breathe dragonfire, which can inflict over 50 damage if proper protections aren't used. Blue Dragon is a role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and Artoon and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360.