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Jennifer Fallon
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Ren of the Undivided and his half-Faerie companion Trasa must find a way to stop the Matrachai, who want to eliminate every magical race in existence. Only the Undivided hold the key to stopping them, and even the Faerie Brethren have turned to Ren for assistance. With the help of the Pete and Logan Doherty, the human twins stranded with them, Ren must find a way to save them all, especially his twin brother Darragh. Reunion is the third book in the fabulous Rift Runners epic fantasy series, following on from The Undivided and The Dark Divide, and switches through time portals between the contemporary world and a Celtic Druidic Britain.About the AuthorJennifer Fallon was born in Australia but now lives in New Zealand. She has been a youth worker, a store detective, shop assistant, an advertising sales rep, executive secretary, and foster-mother to more than 50 children.With sales approaching 1,000,000 books worldwide, her works include the Hythrun Chronicles, consisting of the Demon Child trilogy and its prequel the Wolfblade trilogy, and set in other worlds, the Second Sons trilogy and the Tide Lords series. Her fantasy novels are notable for strong female characters, an emphasis on politics, and a more subtle use of magic. Her writing has been described as "non-stop adventure and romance", and she has been shortlisted twice for the Aurealis Awards (2000, 2007).

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