The Wedding Dress (short stories)

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From the much-loved Milly Johnson comes three new short stories, exclusive to ebook, along with a sneak peek at her new novel, A Winter Flame. If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading White Wedding, beware that the title story, The Wedding Dress, is a mini sequel and contains spoilers!About the AuthorMilly Johnson is a Sunday Times top ten bestseller, poet, columnist, joke-writer, radio presenter-in-training and winner of Come Dine With Me. She likes cruising on big ships, owls, Pellers Ice Wine, shopping for handbags in Venice, Ikea meatballs, the sea and having her hair done. She hates marzipan, doing accounts and sandpaper. Her novels are about the universal issues of friendship, family, betrayal, babies, rather nice food and a little bit of that magic in life that sometimes visits the unsuspecting.

Jasmine told Vogue Brides that her dress was inspired by the frock worn by Polish supermodel Anja Rubik on her big day, admitting that she'd "always loved" that look. The Wedding Dress (short stories) 3 1 5 Author: Milly Johnson. E-book.

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