The Boy Who Saw

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Simon Toyne
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'Who is Solomon Creed? He's the hero of an epic new series of thrillers. Simple as that' Mark BillinghamThe second book in an electrifying new thriller series from Sunday Times bestselling author, Simon Toyne.Who is Solomon Creed? A dangerous psychiatric patient, who has escaped from a high-security facility in America, or an innocent amnesiac trying to establish his true identity?His search for the truth about himself takes Solomon to the beautiful southern French town of Cordes. But his arrival coincides with the brutal murder of an elderly French tailor, the words 'Finishing what was begun' daubed in blood on the walls.Instinctively, Solomon knows he must help the tailor's granddaughter and great grandson escape, and together they go on the run. Their flight, though, will set in motion a terrible sequence of events, leading to the exposure of a far-reaching conspiracy with its origins in the Holocaust but with terrible consequences for modern-day Europe. And what will it mean for Solomon himself?

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The boy's special power is used as a symbol for a child's ability to see through to the true nature of adults. What the Boy Saw A child's testimony put three men on death row. The neighborhood saw it differently By Kyle Swenson.