The Perfect Arrangement

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Annabelle Anders
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*Marriage bargain *Spare turned heir His father died before turning forty. HIs older brother, the original heir, turned up his toes at the age of two and thirty. And this year, his last remaining brother--and the spare--was suddenly killed in a duel. Circumstances aren't looking good for this second spare turned heir. The new duke of Warwick needs a son... And quickly! Lady Lillian Prentiss has learned that men are not to be trusted--particularly dukes. So when the very handsome but dying "Mister" Masterson offers her an opportunity for lifelong independence, it seems to be the perfect arrangement. And it would have been perfect... If only she hadn't gone and fallen in love with him. NOTE: The perfect Arrangement was originally published under the title: The Perfect Little Marquess and was featured in the April 2020 Anthology: Lords, Ladies & Babies...: A Regency Romance Set with Little Consequences. Bonus content added!

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