Building a Trauma-Informed Restorative School

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Joe Brummer, Margaret Thorsborne
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Covering both theory and practice, this book will teach educators everything they need to know about developing restorative practices in their education settings, in a way that is also trauma-informed. The first part of the book addresses the theory and philosophy of restorative approaches, and of trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive schools. The second part outlines the five restorative skills (mindfulness, honest expression, empathy, the art of asking questions and the art of requests), what they look like in practice (including using circles, respect agreements and restorative dialogue), and how to implement them. Every strategy is clearly explained and adapted to be appropriate for children and adults who have experienced trauma. Everything the book discusses has been especially designed to be adapted for different school settings and their particular challenges.

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Can you briefly outline your background? As a survivor of both childhood trauma and violent crime with some background in mental health, I have a strong interest in conflict resolution and violence prevention. In 2008, a local mediation center asked me ... Available in: Paperback.