Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies (Miss Lily, #1)

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Jackie French
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THE STORY IS EQUAL PARTS DOWNTOWN ABBEY AND WARTIME ACTION , WITH ENOUGH ROMANCE AND INTRIGUE TO MAKE IT 100% NOT- PUT- DOWN-ABLE. Australian Woman's WeeklyA tale of espionage, love and passionate heroism. Inspired by true events, this is the story of how society's 'lovely ladies' won a war.Each year at secluded Shillings Hall, in the snow-crisped English countryside, the mysterious Miss Lily draws around her young women selected from Europe's royal and most influential families. Her girls are taught how to captivate a man - and find a potential husband - at a dinner, in a salon, or at a grouse shoot, and in ways that would surprise outsiders. For in 1914, persuading and charming men is the only true power a woman has.Sophie Higgs is the daughter of Australia's king of corned beef and the only 'colonial' brought to Shillings Hall. Of all Miss Lily's lovely ladies, however, she is also the only one who suspects Miss Lily's true purpose.As the chaos of war spreads, women across Europe shrug off etiquette. The lovely ladies and their less privileged sisters become the unacknowledged backbone of the war, creating hospitals, canteens and transport systems where bungling officials fail to cope. And when tens of thousands can die in a single day's battle, Sophie must use the skills Miss Lily taught her to prevent war's most devastating weapon yet.But is Miss Lily heroine or traitor? And who, exactly, is she?

I currently ... Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies is an intriguing story of a young Australian woman in England during World War I. From her season as a debutante to setting up hospitals in France, Sophie Higgs has one adventure after another.

The photograph was taken in December 1916 and offers a caring ... Fishpond Australia, Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies (Miss Lily, #1) (Miss Lily) by Jackie FrenchBuy . Books online: Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies (Miss Lily, #1) (Miss Lily), 2018, Fishpond.com.au.