Power Play

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Patrick Robinson
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The future of the United States rests on one man's shoulders... A highly volatile nuclear world looms. Israel has obliterated the deep underground nuclear weapons facility built by Iran, and the United States is nerve-wracked about the stance of a defiant North Korea. Against this backdrop, the Russians plan a cyber warfare offensive on the US. In addition to a ballistic strike on the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, they plan to jam the top-secret electronic access key to America's missile launch system - the nuclear football. If successful, Russia would establish a temporary dominance over the United States. As this geopolitical battle rages in the shadows, behind locked doors, it is up to a Mossad spymaster based in Moscow to avert the Russian scheme. He calls upon the one man he believes can succeed, US Navy SEAL Commander Mack Bedford. It is now up to Mack to prevent the Russians' cyber weaponry from reaching the American mainland, at which point it would be impossible to stop... The final installment in the Mack Bedford series, Power Play is a nerve-shredding thriller, perfect for fans of James Swallow, Tom Clancy and Stephen Leather.

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Power Play takes aim at heartache and scores gold. For Posey and Boon, hockey may be the name of the game, but passion is what these lonely hearts are aiming for.