If Disney Ran Your Hospital

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Fred Lee
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The 9 1/2 principles in this highly personal and refreshingly written book will help any hospital team gain the extraordinary competitive advantage that comes from being seen as "the best" by their own employees, consumers, and community. It takes profound knowledge, not usually taught in business schools, to create and maintain an environment where people feel they are working with friends who share a common dream of making patients and communities their loyal fans-a place where:Employees say, "I love to work here."Managers say, "I love the people I work with."Caregivers say, "I love our patients."Patients and families say, "we love this hospital."Loyalty is an organization's best source of long-term strategic advantage. But unlike traditional service organizations, Disney does not provide a service. Neither does your hospital. They both provide an, "experience." Disney is the premier example of this newly evolved economic category and hospitals would do well to emulate themost vital things that earn Disney the love of their guests and employees.Like his popular seminars, in these pages Fred Lee addresses the vexing reality that most of our approaches to patient satisfaction will not lead to patient loyalty. He takes aim at service excellence initiatives, quality and performance improvement efforts, and patient satisfaction surveys, dispelling some of our most cherished beliefs about loyalty and leadership.This captivating book, filled with stories and examples, will leave its readers inspired with fresh insights and energized with hope. It needs to be in every hospital manager's library and required reading in every healthcare leadership curriculum. If you have wondered why so much of what is done in the name of service excellence in healthcare has not lived up to its promise, this book is for you.

The strengths of Fred Lee's easy to read book, in my opinion, are: it speaks in plain English, not healthcare/management jargon includes many fine stories, that reflect real life in healthcare facilities proposes things that people could actually be doing ... If Disney Ran Your Hospital, that's the title of a book written by Fred Lee, a senior-level hospital executive, who helped run a hospital near Walt Disney World in the Orlando, Florida area and also spent a great deal of time at the Disney Institute learning about the Disney magic when it comes to designing magical guest experiences. Walt Disney - The Father of Guestology .

Published by Second River Healthcare Press, Bozeman, MT, 2004. ISBN: 0974386014.