Searching for Charlotte

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Kate, Forsyth, Belinda, Murrell
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*Longlisted for the 2021 Indie Book Awards: Non-Fiction*In Searching for Charlotte, Forsyth and Murrell tell Charlotte's story along with that of their own journey to discover her. In an intriguing account, the sisters join the reader in reacting to Charlotte's actions: wondering what could have motivated certain choices; admiring the strength of spirit that pushed Charlotte through turmoil in the Australian colonies; and reviling attitudes that were common to the mid-1800s but are abhorrent in the twentieth century.The extraordinary, long-buried life story of Australia's earliest published children's author, Searching for Charlotte combines elements of biography, recreation of history and rediscovery of family history. It is a sometimes confronting but ultimately heartwarming journey into the story of a family with writing in its blood.

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