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Bryant Apolonio, Kasumi Borczyk, Claire Cao, Jessica Zhan Mei Yu, Leah Jing McIntosh (Editor)
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EXPERIMENTAL, GENRE-BENDING, LUCID STORIES OF THE FUTURE FROM THE INAUGURAL LIMINAL FICTION PRIZE LONGLIST What does the future hold? A tense dinner party is held amid an impending climate catastrophe. A father leases his backyard out to a cemetery. Activists plan an attack on ASIO drones in a shock-jock run government. A voyeur finds herself caught in time. Featuring both emerging and established writers of colour, this collection showcases some of the best work that Australian literature has to offer. These stories are sites for collisions: against eurocentric ideals, against narrow concepts of excellence, against stagnant ideas of the world to come. But collisions also manifest in the way our lives come into contact with others, how our pasts shift against the present, and how our imaginations sit against our realities. Collisions is necessary reading for the future of fiction, and the future of our shared world. STORIES BY BRYANT APOLONIO, KASUMI BORCZYK, CLAIRE CAO, CLAIRE G. COLEMAN, ELIZABETH FLUX, JASON GRAY, EDA GÜNAYDIN, NAIMA IBRAHIM, CB MAKO, SUMUDU SAMARAWICKRAMA, MYKAELA SAUNDERS, BOBUQ SAYED, VICTOR CHRISNAA SENTHINATHAN, MISBAH WOLF, HANNAH WU, JESSICA ZHAN MEI YU

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Leah has written for The Saturday Paper, Meanjin Quarterly, and Archer Magazine, amongst others, and is currently completing her PhD at the University of Melbourne. The collision efficiency in particle deposition (also referred to as sticking probability or attachment efficiency) is defined as the ratio of the rate at which particles attach to a surface (collector) to the rate at which they collide with the surface. "Collisions is a refreshing disruption of Australia's literary mainstream, and a stunning addition to any reader's bookshelf." —Winnie Siulolovao Dunn, The Saturday Paper " Comprising of the LIMINAL Fiction Prize longlist, Collisions shines a light on writers of colour, presenting some of the most exciting stories to emerge from Australia." One man has died and a girl is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after separate collisions in Melbourne's south-east overnight. The 48-year-old man from Dandenong, who was formally identified on Friday morning, was struck by a car travelling north on a green light on Stud Road in Dandenong just after 8.30pm on Thursday. Collision definition is - an act or instance of colliding : clash.