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Belinda Williams
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She's got three months to make him a better man . . . but what if he's perfect already? Jessica Jinks has got it made-as the face of her online fitness brand, her business is going from strength to strength. Especially if she can take Ant Monticello, comedian and co-host of an evening current affairs show, from unfit to ripped in three months. Ant knows he's not Jess's type. Not surprising when he considers walking down the street to pick up fast food to be cardio exercise. But he does make her laugh, and he's determined to turn himself into the man she wants. With the whole country watching, Jess knows Ant is strictly off-limits and the success of her business relies on keeping things professional. Even if he makes her pulse race in the best way possible . . . But when Ant starts to change-not in a good way-Jess finds herself questioning not only her business, but her heart, too. Could Ant be perfect just the way he is, even if he doesn't think so?

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