Painting Animals in Watercolour

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Liz Chaderton
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Artists seem compelled to try to capture the amazing variety of the animal kingdom; the challenge remains how to breathe energy into your paintings and make the animals jump off the paper. This deeply practical book offers an accessible introduction to sketching animals from life, to try to capture that essence. It gives instruction on how to approach drawing; covers ideas for materials and supplies to make sketching from life a joy; gives step-by-step demonstrations of different watercolour techniques; offers specific advice on using colour and painting, fur, feathers and features and gives ideas for mixed-media experimentation. Full of colourful examples and guidance, this new book explains how to transform your studies into finished artwork that are brimming with character. It encourages you to find the extraordinary in the everyday, as well as revelling in the breadth of nature. Taking a contemporary approach to traditional watercolour, the author shows how a few, well-chosen brushes of paint can reveal the soul of your subject.

Use the colour of the eye for the outer edge. Make sure ... "Painting Animals in Watercolor" Workshop attendees should have an understanding of basic watercolor techniques.

As with her companion Course, Painting Domestic Animals in Watercolour, she will introduce you to skills and techniques that will not only replicate the essential likeness of these superb animals, but will also harness their very soul and character. Buy Painting Animals in Watercolour by Chaderton, Liz (ISBN: 9781785007873) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.