Lady Abigail's Perfect Match

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Sophie Barnes
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A kiss can cure any ailment... Lady Abigail has been infatuated with Mr. James Townsbridge for three years. But when she is finally introduced to him, she finds him arrogant and rude. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop her heart from racing or her stomach from flip-flopping while in his presence. In fact, being near him makes her feel somewhat ill. Which complicates matters when they are suddenly forced to marry. James doesn't like the aloof young lady to whom he has recently been introduced. And since he has a blistering headache, he doesn't have the patience for someone who clearly doesn't want to be in his company. But when she lands in his lap and he accidentally rips her gown, his duty is clear. Now James must try to get along with his awful fiancee, or risk living unhappily ever after. But is that possible?

Unfortunately, this doesn't stop her heart ... Lady Abigail's Perfect Match; No Earls Allowed; To Challenge The Earl of Cravenswood; Captive Bride; Man and Wife; Lady of the Lake; The Rogue's Proposal; The Toll-Gate; Your Scandalous Ways; Tender Betrayal; A Slight Miscalculation; Carved in Love; The Bride Lottery; Her Majesty (The Undying, #1) Seven Minutes in Heaven; Lord Satyr; Once Upon ... perfect match show of Kenya celebrate and young women... the best perfect match so far on this earth...

Grace, at least when she was a child, called her "Auntie Abigail"4, despite the fact that Abigail was her mother's cousin. Like most Merriwick women ... Lady Abigail's Perfect Match The Townsbridges, #2 (eBook) : Barnes, Sophie : Baker & TaylorA kiss can cure any ailment…Lady Abigail has been infatuated with Mr.