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Looking For A Way To Treat Your Mind And Body Without Medications? Try These Simple Yet Powerful Techniques! What happens when a major highway becomes blocked, even partially? Important cargo doesn't get delivered on time because trucks get stuck in traffic jams. People are seriously late for work. Accidents happen. Now what if something like this happened inside your body? Blocking a blood vessel would lead to a heart attack or a stroke. A blockage in your intestines is a life-threatening medical emergency. But when one of your nervous system's highways gets blocked, damaged, or otherwise dysfunctional... many people just go on living with the symptoms, which include chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation, and mental illnesses. If you're one of these people, continue reading because Dr. Abraham C. Knox has something very important to tell you. Most of your health problems are probably caused by a dysfunctional vagus nerve - a long, branching nerve that connects your brain to all of your vital organs. Fortunately, fixing your vagus nerve is surprisingly easy if you do the right exercises - and this is exactly what this book is about. Here's what you'll find inside: Healing techniques and exercises for dozens of specific medical conditions Lifestyle hacks that will keep your vagus nerve happy A complete guide to overcoming depression, anxiety, PTSD and more And much more! Vagus nerve stimulation is a simple treatment with potentially life-transforming effects. Start doing the exercises you'll find in this book and you'll forget about your chronic conditions in just a few weeks! Scroll up, click on "Buy now with 1-Click" and Give Your Body The Healing It Deserves!

What Does the Vagus Nerve Do and Where is it? The vagus nerve is a squiggly, shaggy, branching nerve (in yellow in the image above) connecting your brain to many important organs throughout the body, including the gut (intestines, stomach), heart and lungs. Vagus Nerve Exercises; Wellevate Supplement Dispensary; Women's Health; Search for: Search. Vagus Nerve Exercises.

$28 ... Ellie Drake shares the importance of the Parasympathetic Nervous System and its essential role in supporting you to thrive regardless of your circumstances.P... The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in your body, traveling from the base of your brain down your body and into your abdomen. On its way there, it attaches to almost every major organ, including the heart.