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Annie Robson
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Does a new dress have the power to change a woman's life? Thirty-five-year-old Waverley Litchfield, manager of vintage-inspired boutique, Right! A Dress, in Tasmania, is sure that it does: For fish-out-of-water journalist Holly, in the throes of an eating disorder that's seen her rapidly drop three dress sizes; For only child Vivian, who has no life - not now that she's been forced to take on full-time care of her elderly mother; For Fashions on the Field obsessed Tilly, whose biggest claim to fame so far has been falling off the catwalk and ending up in Accident and Emergency; For seriously overweight Raine, whose size is keeping her from being chief bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding; For forty-something Odette, fed up with sweating the small stuff until a brush with breast cancer puts everything into perspective; For young building apprentice Ashleigh, desperately in search of her 'tribe', and For Sasha and Farelle, perilously close to losing everything to a runaway shopping habit and an all-consuming career. Singlehandedly, Waverleymasterminds an ingenious fashion-inspired event that brings together all these women - and two men - and, incredibly, manages to change each of their lives for the better. But what about Waverley herself? Can a dress possibly cure her of the crippling flying phobia that's kept her trapped on her island home, able only to dream of Paris, the fashion capital of the world she has long yearned to visit? And how will it help her find love in the process?

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