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Bianca D'Arc
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The fate of all shifters rests on Slade's broad shoulders, but all he can think about is her. Slade is a mystery. A warrior and spy who serves two masters - those in the human world and the Lords of the Were. They've sent him to Nevada to track a brutal murderer before the existence of all shifters is revealed to a world not ready to know. Kate is a priestess serving the Goddess and the large community of shifters that have gathered around the Redstone Clan of werecougars. When their matriarch is murdered and the scene polluted by dark magic, she knows she must help the enigmatic man sent to track the killer. Together, Slade and Kate uncover not one, but two, evil mages that they alone can neutralize. It's a tricky situation because Slade finds it hard to keep his hands off his sexy new partner, the cougars are out for blood, and the killers have an even more sinister plan in mind. Can Kate somehow keep her hands to herself when the most attractive man she's ever met makes her want to throw caution to the wind? And can Slade do his job and save the situation when he's finally found a woman who can make him purr? * Look for the other books in this series, available now in ebook and print. The Tales of the Were includes: Main series: Lords of the Were, Inferno The Others: Rocky, Slade Redstone Clan: Grif, Red, Magnus, Bobcat, and Matt The Brotherhood of Blood series is related, and includes: Vamps: One & Only (novella), Rare Vintage (novella), Phantom Desires (novella), Sweeter Than Wine (novel), & Forever Valentine (novella). Wolves: Wolf Hills, Wolf Quest The String of Fate series is also related and includes: Cat's Cradle, King's Throne, and Jacob's Ladder For more information, check out BIANCADARC.COM.

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