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Accessible, fun and compelling, and based on more than three decades of research, The Female Brain will help women to better understand themselves - and the men in their lives.In this groundbreaking book, Dr Louann Brizendine describes the uniquely flexible structure of the female brain and its constant, dynamic state of change - the key difference that separates it from that of the male - and reveals how women think, what they value, how they communicate, and whom they'll love. She also reveals the neurological explanations behind why... - A woman remembers fights that a man insists never happened...- Thoughts about sex enter a woman's brain perhaps once every couple of days, but may enter a man's brain up to once every minute...- A woman's brain goes on high alert during pregnancy - and stays that way long after giving birth...- A woman over 50 is more likely to initiate divorce than a man...- Women tend to know what people are feeling, while men can't spot an emotion unless someone cries or threatens them with bodily harm!

Louann Brizendine uses clinical research and the experience of counseling patients to examine how the many various hormones flowing through a woman's body may affect their actions and behavior. The female brain is remarkably dynamic, responding uniquely to the early life environment, aging and various life stages in between. In early life, the female immune response seems to have a special protective effect that's missing, or at least very different, in males. Dr.

And given the shallowness of its quasi-scientific blather and the tepidness of its comedy, it ultimately does neither. Read full review The author of The Female Brain highlights that males and females have brains that are biochemically and neurologically programmed to perform different tasks from an early age. In adults, the average male brain is 11-12% larger than the female brain and the head remains about 2% larger in circumference.