Lords of the Were

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Bianca D'Arc
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Allie is about to discover a heritage of power...and blood...werecreatures, magic, and a misguided vampire who wants to kill two men who could be the loves of her life. Allie was adopted. She had always known it, but when a mysterious older woman shows up and invites her to learn about her birth family, things take a turn for the odd. Then Allie meets the Lords. Twin Alpha werewolves who rule over all North American were, Rafe and Tim may look exactly alike, but Allie can tell them apart from the moment they first meet. She's not sure what to think when they both want to claim her as their mate. They are dominant, sexy, and all too ready to play games of the most delicious kind with her, but when a rogue vampire threatens her safety, they jump to her defense. It will take all of them working together, to stop the evil that has invaded their territory. Can they trust in each other and the power of their new love to prevail? Or will an ancient enemy win the day and usher evil incarnate back into the world? Note: This story is a menage. It was also first published in 2006 with a different cover. It has undergone light editing for this re-release. This is the first book in the Tales of the Were series, which stretches out to encompass several related storylines and sub-series that follow different sets of characters in different parts of the world. Sub-series include: Tales of the Were - The Others: Rocky, Slade Tales of the Were - Redstone Clan: The Purrfect Stranger, Grif, Red, Magnus, Bobcat, Matt Tales of the Were - String of Fate: Cat's Cradle, King's Throne, Jacob's Ladder, Her Warriors Tales of the Were - Grizzly Cove: All About the Bear, Mating Dance, Night Shift, Alpha Bear, Saving Grace, Bearliest Catch ...and the related series, Brotherhood of Blood: One & Only, Rare Vintage, Phantom Desires, Sweeter Than Wine, Forever Valentine, Wolf Hills, Wolf Quest

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