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Santiago Rivera
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Doing Business God's Way empowers business owners to create or expand their business using lessons from the Word of God while offering encouragement and support along the way. Quite often, the road to the creation and sustainability of your business is full of decisions that you aren't necessarily proud of. The modern business world is fully grounded in the world of man and it can make you feel like you are far removed from your Creator. In this step-by-step guide, Santiago Rivera will help you invite God to become the primary partner in your business and recognize your personal and business journey. Rivera, a 20-year veteran executive from the healthcare industry, is an innovative leader who helps professionals with the entrepreneurial spirit push beyond their limits. In Doing Business God's Way, Rivera teaches readers why doing business God's way is so difficult-yet so imperative to success, prosperity, and eternal life. The book: ?Presents the importance of doing business God's way. ?Shows the prevalent theme of creation, revelations, and visions from God. ?Gives many encouraging principles for creating and expanding a business. ?Grants ways to genuinely embrace the Christian faith...for life. ?Offers ways to embrace God's principles while working within the business world. Not only can readers experience the abundance and success they've always dreamed of, but they will also have proof that the Architect of the Universe believes in them.

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