Two for the Show

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Megan Derr
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Nikko needs a scandal. Something, anything, that will keep media eyes on him and far away from the fight for his deadbeat brother's children. When he sees Jake Hallow in a bar, it seems a perfect solution. What would cause more noise than planting a kiss on a ruler-straight country star? He didn't expect Jake to kiss him back. Jake's faced a lot of surprises in the forty-four years he's been alive. But being kissed senseless by the beautiful Nikko Star is something else entirely, and he doesn't at all know what to do with the long-banked feelings that Nikko turns into a blaze. Or the disappointment he feels when he learns the real reason Nikko kissed him. But hearing Nikko's story, Jake decides to help, and agrees to give the world a fake love affair for the sake of protecting a couple of kids. And he's always believed in putting on one hell of a show-no matter how much it leaves him hurting when the lights go down.

Playing music you can sing along and dance to! TAB by Trooper Origin of One for the Money, Two for the Show. This expression comes from a children's rhyme.

Duo, Trio, 4 or 5 piece band, providing live music for ALL occasions! A great ballad by party rock outfit "Trooper" from their second album "Two For The Show" from '76. Two for the Show! Live at the Rathskeller! 5. 3.