Sequencing Yoga Classes

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Julie Chavanu
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Want an easier way to create good, solid yoga classes? Don't want to wing it? Learn this method for creating flow and hatha style classes and start creating your own library of sequences. This guide will show you an easy method for always having consistent, well-thought-out class sequences. As you learn this method, you'll spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your teaching. Approximately 20 pages.

At least for this yoga teacher that doesn't happen (but I do applaud the teachers who make that happen). This is what actually happens - I plan. Intelligent yoga sequencing is the art of creating a class that builds towards a specific intention in a logical manner.

Yin yoga is best done with props so, if you have a block, make sure you place it within easy reach of your mat. If you don't (yet) have any blocks, you may use ... Yoga Sequencing presents the essential principles and methods for designing yoga classes.