Pig the Slob (Pig the Pug)

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Aaron Blabey
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Pug was a Pug, and I'm sorry to say, he was shockingly lazy. Such a shameful display... Pig, the world's greediest pug, is back -- and he won't get off the couch! Pig spends all day, every day lounging around, binging snacks and TV. Trevor tries to convince him to come out and play, but Pig won't budge! Until one day, something happens to get Pig up off the couch once and for all... Rich with author-illustrator Aaron Blabey's signature rhyming text and unforgettable illustrations, Pig the Slob is a laugh-out-loud story that follows the seven previous books in the series (Pig the Pug, Pig the Winner, Pig the Elf, Pig the Star, Pig the Fibber, Pig the Stinker, and Pig the Tourist).

Pig the Slob Pig the Pug Book Review: An all-new Pig the ... An all-new Pig the Pug picture book from internationally bestselling author-illustrator Aaron Blabey. Pug was a Pug, and I'm sorry to say, he was shockingly lazy.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Being a slob is NOT the same thing as being fat, and most of what Blabey focuses on in this book is more about being fat than being messy and lazy. You can be a thin and messy, thin and lazy, thin and disorganized, thin and slovenly.