This Is Wild

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Natasha Madison
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Viktor My parents told me I skated before I walked. When I was eighteen I was drafted into the N.H.L third overall, playing in Los Angeles-the city of dreams. What more could I ask for? I played hard, but eventually, I partied even harder. Five years later I was traded a week after I entered rehab. There was no time for anything except my health and making sure I'd come out on top. I had to be better. There wasn't another option. One of the rules of recovery was 'don't fall in love' and I made it a top priority. She was off limits in every single way. Until it was too late Zoe When you grow up surrounded by hockey players you know one thing for sure, I was never going to settle down with one. Heck, I didn't even know what icing was. I was too busy climbing the corporate ladder, becoming one of the most successful realtors in New York City. I wasn't interested in dating or anything that got in my way. First, he was my client and then he became my friend. One night, one decision, one act can derail everything. When push comes to shove, I'm only certain that, This is Wild.

There's just one twist to this thrilling drama - these girls did not end up on this island by accident. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Wild definition, living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated: a wild animal; wild geese.

I'm being serious, stop laughing. To open up this season that was always going to be weird, the Wild have spurned away ... Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.