The Ultimate Ninja Foodi Grill Cookbook

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Kate Marr
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Imagine the ability to grill juicy steaks and BBQ without worrying what the unpredictable weather is going to be; or trying to find enough space for a cooking area. No smoke or stress, just straight up juicy grilling that is hot, with a thick, savory crust, a crackling skin and tender interior from the confines of your kitchen! What if that portable grilling device also doubles as a dehydrator, air fryer and an oven to roast and bake your meals? That would be impressive right? Now add a cookbook that contains recipes for each feature. How impressive would that be! The Ninja Foodi grill is that revolutionary new device that does everything! It is an impressive multi cooker that introduces the latest cyclonic air technology, a super hot 500°F grilling chamber and ceramic coated grill grates to bring you perfectly charred fish, aromatic and mouthwatering steaks and sausages and lots more. It can also be used as a dehydrator for your healthy snacks and jerky; an airfryer for those tasty and crunchy meals you love and an oven to bake or roast your meals. For such a little portable device, the Ninja Foodi packs quite a punch and cooks anything with no stress, and with this cookbook, you get to learn how to enjoy the features of this device.

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