Ido in Autismland. Climbing Out of Autism's Silent Prison.

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Ido Kedar
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What is autism? Is it a long list of behaviors, or is it more? Experts looked at my outside deficits-eye contact impairment, hand flapping and social delay-and concluded that my inside was equally impaired. They assumed I did not understand language, recognize my parents or have a thought more advanced than a toddler's. They supposed my brain could be molded in increments by drilling me on names and basic nouns, or by telling me to jump, or sit, or touch my nose-over and over. This was the educational model I grew up with. Now, I am telling you what I couldn't tell my experts when I was stuck in my silent prison for so many years: you were wrong. Worse, you were treating the wrong symptoms. In my essays I explain autism from the inside out. It is my dream that my book will help my friends and so many other non-verbal autistic people to be liberated, as I was. I want a cure and I want communication now for all those still trapped in silence. Thank you for listening to a silent boy no more. - Ido Kedar, at age 13

His book has been a beacon of hope for families and people with autism and has already made a huge impact in changing perceptions and lives. Ido is the recipient of numerous advocacy awards and has been profiled in the media.

2012. Ido in Autismland: Climbing Out of Autism's Silent Prison.