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Supana Onikage, Youta, Quof
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I'm Keima Masuda, a Dungeon Master aiming for a life without work. Haku told me about there being a Hell Tournament in the Demon Realm with the reward being the Divine Pajamas, and she even sent me over as an imperial official. She's being so generous I can't help but feel like something's off... And of course, the winner of this year's Hell Tournament suddenly forces me into a fight. "Now then, in accordance to the law, you are now mine." What?! If you lose a duel in the Demon Realm you're the winner's slave? No way! Thus begins my live as a slave. And he's forcing me to train in combat?! This is Volume 13 of my own kind of dungeon story! The demonic hands of forced labor are grabbing for me!

Top Tháng; Top Tuần; Top Ngày; 01. Who Made Me a Princess.

by Mike on 1 July 2019. One of the nice things about the eight steps for preparing a session of D&D from Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master is that it works with just about any tool you already like to use.