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To be successful in the new age of uncertainty, organisations must make the right decisions. The margins of error are narrowing, and the wisdom of those decisions will determine their future. ? The Wise Enterprise brings together a set of capabilities essential for professionals who want to contribute to the wisdom of their organisations. In this timely book you'll learn about:Systems thinking and emotional intelligence The real meaning of leadership and the role of a leader How to define and measure success How to facilitate a successful business transformation How to build a wise enterprise.These capabilities can be applied by any professional to solve any problem, from team members and team leads to managers, department heads and VPs, to C-level executives.

We are a Social Enterprise, offering premium leather bags created by the Co-Designers from Muscular Dystrophy Association... Wise Software - Enterprise is the essential business solution for service industry professional. For managing your billing, inventory, routes, customers & service techs. One of the oldest forms of social enterprise is called WISE — a work integration social enterprise.

Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, the Enterprise carries its crew on a mission "to explore strange, new worlds; to seek out new ... Enterprise Skills Day - Who Likes Cake? (Year 4) Most young people love cake … and they like to make things! Our interactive enterprise skills day encourages them to make cakes out of playdough and work out the best way to sell them.