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Bianca D'Arc
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A woman living in secret, hiding her true nature... Gina is a medical doctor in New York City. What nobody knows is that she's also tiger-shifter royalty, living in exile. Keeping her secret has kept her safe, but all that is about to change. An injured soldier who heals in a way that makes him more than he ever was before... Mitch is injured and out of the action. He wakes up in a strange place, with a beautiful woman. Normally, not a problem, but this woman is special. She's a white tiger and daughter of the lost tiger king. She's too good for the likes of him, but there's an undeniable spark of attraction drawing them closer and closer. A love that will make the very earth tremble beneath their feet... When evil challenges, Mitch will fight to keep Gina safe. A harrowing journey to the side of a living volcano brings secret knowledge and a power none of them ever expected. Will it be enough to prevail? Only victory will keep his lady safe. And only victory will allow Gina to claim the man she truly loves.

First part of a new series on the game King's Throne! King's Throne: Game of Lust is an empire simulation MMORPG where you rule a kingdom and experience the medieval royal life: exciting adventures, epic wars, irresistible romance, kingdom management and more than you could imagine! Play for free now, and immerse yourself in playing as a medieval king. Key Features: The Phoenix Throne (어좌 eojwa) is the term used to identify the throne of the King of Korea.

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