Food for the Soul

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Lucy Lord
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Reclaim your time, your kitchen, and your tastebuds with over 80 delicious recipes to feed your soul! Whether you have 15 minutes, or an hour to spare, this gorgeous debut cookbook from Lucy Lord will re-ignite your love for cooking, help you get creative in the kitchen, and re-define your relationship with food. Be it a 2-minute-smoothie in the morning to get you going before work, or a lazy catch-up with friends over a coffee and a thick slice of banana bread. These recipes are simple but special. In a world where convenience is king, encouraging us to spend our hard-earn money on tasteless take-always and bland calorie-controlled salads and sandwiches, Lucy wants to make us fall back in love with cooking and eating. Showing us how to get the most from our ingredients, our time, and our budgets, these recipes are packed with creativity and passion. Learn how to reconsider your leftovers and make convenience work for you; enjoy lingering over a new dish to enjoy with loved ones; indulge in sweet treats without counting calories; and satisfy any health-conscious foodie with effortless flavour and fresh ingredients. With chapters including: ? It's a Good Day to Have a Good Day: Breakfasts and Brunches ? Dips and Dressings: Your new staples ? Say No to Shit Salads ? Mains: Winning combinations for any appetite ? In-Betweens and Afters ? Get Baked: Sweet and Savoury recipes to rival any artisan ? Smoothies and Cocktails Dig into this beautiful book and discover that happiness really is homemade.

Lead by local chefs and soul mates, Jim and Mel; the team at Essence create meals that are truly, food for the soul. Our diverse range features natural and gluten-free ingredients, hand made on site at Essence HQ in Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula. So glad Food for the Soul has reopened even if it's only for takeout.

Published 2016, 288 pages, measures 28 x 22 cm. Winter is the perfect time to bring everyone together and share a meal.