Gators and Garters

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Jana DeLeon
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'Til death do us part? Ida Belle, Fortune, and Gertie are gearing up for the big day-Ida Belle's wedding to Walter-but when the caterer goes missing just a week before the big day, it puts a huge black mark on the joyous celebration. Molly Broussard is no stranger to being in the limelight, so when the former cage fighter turned in her boxing gloves for pots and pans, everyone who knew her was surprised...until they ate her food. From all appearances, Molly took her boat out that day and simply never returned. An extensive search of the bayous finally produces the boat, but there is no sign of Molly. With no evidence of foul play, Sinful residents are ready to conclude that this is simply another tragic and all-too-common accident. Nickel Bordelon spent half of his time in trouble and the other half paying for it. But one thing he knows for certain-Molly was murdered. When he asks Fortune to take the case, she isn't sure there's anything to find, but his emotional plea has her agreeing to look into it. As Swamp Team 3 begin their investigation, they find more layers to Molly's disappearance than in Ida Belle's wedding cake.

I always enjoy the books about Miss Fortune ex CIA assassin. This time we have a wedding going on and a former cage fighter turned caterer gone missing, presumed dead.

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