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Bruce Pascoe
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Convincing Ground is a wide ranging, personal and powerful work which resonates with historical and contemporary Australian debates about identity, dispossession, memory and community. For Pascoe, the Australian character was not forged at Gallipoli, Eureka and the back of Bourke, but in the more satanic furnace of Murdering Flat, Convincing Ground and Werribee. He knows we cant reverse the past, but we can bring our soul in from the fog of delusion. He proposes a way forward, beyond shady intellectual argument and immature nationalism: strengths intact; weaknesses acknowledged and addressed.

Full episode 54min 37sec . Tuesday 12 June 2007.

Each night he is visited by his long dead Aboriginal wife, Renanghi, and together they rake over their tumultuous years at Portland Bay. He cannot tell if she is a ghost or a figment of his imagination, and in his dilapidated condition, he no ... The Convincing Ground 'massacre' has been discussed by myself, Critchett, Connor, and Anderson.5 In a recent opinion piece, in his role as editor of Quadrant Online, Michael Connor offered the following comment on the historiography of the Convincing Ground: Another story [in Clark's 1995 Scars in the Landscape] is based on original sources which have been misread and misused to put ... "Convincing Ground" pulses with love of country.