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Garry Disher
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'My name is Dirk Roe and for your information my brother was almost beaten to death last night.' Challis glanced at Roe's hands: they were well kept and unmarked. He shifted his gaze to the man's face, which wore the sour look of someone who'd once been admired and was waiting for it to happen again. Schoolies Week on the Peninsula. A week of teenage drinking, illicit drugs and sexual misbehaviour. A week when Detective Inspector Hal Challis could do without a major crime. The brutal bashing of a well-connected school chaplain puts paid to that idea. Soon after, a local woman is beaten to death. And Challis is back doing what he does best. The hunt for a killer is on. Garry Disher has published almost fifty titles-fiction, children's books, anthologies, textbooks, the Wyatt thrillers and the Peninsula Crimes series. He has won numerous awards, including the German Crime Prize (twice) and two Ned Kelly Best Crime novel awards, for Chain of Evidence (2007) and Wyatt (2010). Garry lives on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. 'Blood Moon is a fine example of just how good crime writing can be.' Australian 'With so many exhibitionist forensic experts showing off their extraordinary skills, it's a rare pleasure to sit down to a traditional detective story in which solid police work solves a crime.' New York Times 'Disher's skilful writing grabs the reader's attention within the first pages ad doesn't let go until the book reaches its very satisfying conclusion...well written, thought provoking and gripping, will appeal to readers of Ian Rankin and Michael Robotham.' Australian Bookseller and Publisher 'A thoroughly enjoyable novel and mystery that is easily the equal of those by John Harvey, Ian Rankin and other leaders of this form of crime-writing.' Canberra Times 'Blood Moon is entertaining and leaves the reader wanting more of Disher's plotting skill, and wondering about the next twist in the complex relationship between Challis and Destry...' Australian Book Review 'DI Challis and his sergeant Ellen Destry...are both deftly, yet complexly drawn characters: two of the best in the genre and Disher easily one of the best writers.' NZ Weekend Herald '[a] superior police procedural...' Publishers Weekly

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