Eat, Play, Love (your dog)

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Lara Shannon
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Lara Shannon is a dog lover. Spending her days working (and playing) with dogs as a dog trainer, and as part of her TV show Pooches at Play on Australia's Network 10, she knows just what a dog needs. In this go-to guide, Lara shares her expertise on how to help your dog live their life to the fullest, covering everything from puppyhood until the end of life across three easy chapters: 'Eat', 'Play', 'Love'. The 'Eat' chapter includes DIY healthy dog food recipes, information on dog health and diets. The 'Play' chapter covers tips on dog training, behaviour and lifestyle issues, as well as a section on dog tricks. And, finally, in the 'Love' chapter Lara talks about things to consider before getting a dog through to travelling with dogs, and options when your dog becomes ill or passes away. In Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog), Lara will help you to understand why dogs do what they do, so you can enjoy a full and happy life together with your 'furever' pals.

Apart from being a dog trainer, Lara Shannon is also pet nutritionist, so the book has really useful information on feeding your dog. The difference of wet food to dry, raw food diets to special diets, additives, allergies, tips and tricks - everything is covered.

Title: Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog). In rare cases the cover can be different.