Love Me Forever

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Juliana Stone
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The summer Poppy Fairbanks turned sixteen she gave Boone Avery her virginity and he stole her heart. For a few blissful months, she walked on clouds. But then he left town without a word and she told herself he was dead to her. The fact that he's back in town shouldn't matter. But it does. And she finds herself thinking about that summer, about his hot kisses, and what if... She knows she and Boone will never be a thing, so how inconvenient is that? Boone Avery came back to Crystal Lake to raise his son. As a man who's lived his life for everyone but himself, he's hoping this time around he can do things right. He has no time for romancing a woman, hell, he's still trying to figure out his own life. But what's a guy to do when the one that got away is standing right in front of him? Especially when she makes it clear she doesn't like him all that much. If you're Boone Avery you throw out the playbook and set your own rules, and to hell with consequence.

Laughter, witty banter and moments of tears all mixed together. Relationships are messy at the best of times, more so when communication is down.

Love Me Forever. Women's Clothing Store in Toowoomba, Queensland.