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It is the turn of the 20th century - an era of tumultuous change. What is it that draws Tung Chi, a former Shaolin priest in the service of the Chinese emperor, to the Australian colony of Queensland? This mystery ensnares local businessman John Wong, who fears for his daughter, living across the world in Peking at a time when a revolutionary force known as the Boxers is on the rise. Together Tung and John, with his son, Andrew, embark on a dangerous journey that will lead them into a conflict in which everything is at stake, but allegiances uncertain. The sleeping dragon of China is awakening... From the tropics of Queensland to the heart of the Chinese empire, The Stone Dragon is a gripping tale of rebellion, survival and the powerful influence of loyalty and love.

1,120 likes · 11 talking about this. This is the promotion page for the Etsy shop The Stone Dragon Crafts! I offer tarot readings, unique crystal wire wraps, and scented... Dragon stone is a rock that resembles dragon scales and the cratered surface of the stone The texture of the Dragon stone results in many mini-caves and nooks for anchoring moss and plants alike.

They are part of the gemstone dragon group and are the weakest dragon of this type.. A total of six dragonstone dragons are located in the gemstone cavern under the Shilo Village mining site.They require the completion of the hard Karamja achievements in order to access them in the gem rock cavern ... The Stone Dragon Crafts.