Polly The Party Fun Fairy

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Daisy Meadows, Georgie Ripper (Illustrator)
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It's Queen Titania's and King Oberon's 1000th jubilee, and the seven Party Fairies are in charge of making the celebratory party extra-special!However, naughty Jack Frost has decided to sabotage the celebrations by hosting his own party, and in order to make his bigger and better than the kings and queen's he has sent his naughty goblins to steal each of the seven Party Fairies' magical party bags... if he succeeds the Fairyland celebrations will be ruined!Can Kirsty and Rachel help Polly the Party Fun Fairy to rescue her party bag so that the celebrations will be full of magical fun and games...?

[Daisy Meadows; Georgie Ripper] -- Rachel and Kirsty must help Polly the Party Fun Fairy to recover her magic party bag from a goblin, whose theft of it threatened to ruin the fun party games of the two girls and their friends. Polly the Party Fun Fairy by Meadows, Daisy ( Author ) ON Apr-07-2005, Paperback Daisy Meadows. Paperback.

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