A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens
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The timeless story of the Christmastime redemption of notorious miser Ebenzer Scrooge, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is amongst the best-loved works of English literature. Scrooge goes to bed one cold Christmas Eve, convinced his miserly ways are justified. During the night, he is visited by the ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future, who show him what he has been missing in life and the error of his ways. A Christmas Carol was influential in re-popularizing old British Christmas traditions, many of which are still with us today.

On Christmas Eve we meet Scrooge. A skinflint, isolated, begrudging, resentful of the world. A Christmas Carol returns this December! Adapted and created by shake & stir theatre co Following its sell-out world premiere in December 2018, shake & stir 's award-winning production of Charles Dickens ' classic tale of compassion and forgiveness returns this Christmas, and is set to become an annual tradition cherished by families for years to come. A world premiere of a one-man show retelling Charles Dickens' classic tale of redemption and compassion.

The panels shrunk, the windows cracked; fragments of plaster ... A Christmas Carol is a 2019 British dark fantasy drama based on the 1843 novella of the same name by Charles Dickens. It began airing on BBC One in the U.K.