April Lady

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Georgette Heyer
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Nell Cardross and her husband are madly in love...But they're very bad at showing it. While Nell believes her new husband, the Earl, married her out of convenience, Giles Cardross worries that his young wife is more interested in his money than his heart. And Nell's secretive and extravagant spending is becoming a problem... As she attempts to pay off her brother's never-ending gambling debts, and prevent the Earl's half-sister from eloping with a potentially ruinous match, will Nell's heart of gold lead her - and her marriage - into trouble? __________________________'If you haven't read Georgette Heyer yet, what a treat you have in store!' Harriet Evans 'Utterly delightful' The Guardian

146 x 134mm. When the new Lady Cardross begins to fill ... Goodbye April lady It's been good to have you around 2/4) E G A D Goodbye April lady E D A You've done a lot for the folks in this town 6/8) G A The children learned to read F#m D She strung their beads G A 2/4) E B A It's sorry she was the one 6/8) G A F#m D As you can see isn't she good 2/4) G A B She don't leave nothing undone Goodbye April lady April Lady - Ebook written by Georgette Heyer.

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