The Undoing Project

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Michael Lewis
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'Michael Lewis could spin gold out of any topic he chose ... his best work ... vivid, original and hard to forget' Tim Harford, Financial Times'Gripping... There is war, heroism, genius, love, loss, discovery, enduringloyalty and friendship. It is epic stuff ... Michael Lewis is one of thebest non-fiction writers of our time' Irish TimesFrom Michael Lewis, No.1 bestselling author of The Big Short and Flash Boys, this is the extraordinary story of the two men whose ideas changed the world.DanielKahneman and Amos Tversky met in war-torn 1960s Israel. Both weregifted young psychology professors: Kahneman a rootless son ofholocaust survivors who saw the world as a problem to be solved;Tverskya voluble, instinctual blur of energy. In this breathtaking newbook,Michael Lewis tells the extraordinary story of a relationshipthatbecame a shared mind: one which created the field of behaviouraleconomics, revolutionising everything from Big Data to medicine, fromhow we are governed to how we spend, from high finance to football.Kahneman and Tversky, shows Michael Lewis, helped shape the world inwhich we now live - and may well have changed, for good, humankind'sview of its own mind.'A brilliant writer ... the book is a masterclass' Steven Poole, Spectator'Anew book by Michael Lewis promises an absorbing story, dazzling ideas,journalistic flair and originality. He achieves this withextraordinaryconsistency. In The Undoing Project he has achieved it again' Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

He achieves this with extraordinary consistency. In The Undoing Project he has achieved it again.

This book is a well-told story, but that's both its strength and its weakness. The story is about the ideas and relationship of Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.