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Favel Parrett
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WINNER- The ABIA Award (Newcomer of the Year) 2012WINNER- The Dobbie Literary Award 2012Shortlisted for The Miles Franklin Literary Award 2012Shortlisted for The ABIA Award (Book of the Year) 2012Shortlisted for The ABIA Award (Literary Book of the Year) 2012Shortlisted for The ABA's Bookseller's Choice Award 2012Shortlisted for The Indies Award (Debut Fiction) 2012Past the Shallows is the award-winning, bestselling debut novel from Favel Parrett recently named on Oprah's Book Club 2.0 as a 'Can't Miss New Paperback' and now including bonus material from her new book, When the Night Comes.Everyone loves Harry. Everyone except his father.Three brothers, Joe, Miles and Harry, are growing up on the remote south coast of Tasmania. The brother' lives are shaped by their father's moods - like the ocean he fishes, his is wild and unpredictable. He is a bitter man, warped by a devastating secret.Miles tries his best to watch out for Harry, the youngest, but he can't be there all the time. Often alone, Harry finds joy in the small treasure he discovers, in the shark eggs and cuttlefish bones. In a kelpie pup, a big mug of Milo, and a secret friendship with a mysterious neighbour.But sometimes small treasures, or a brother's love, are not enough.'Wintonesque' - Hearald Sun'that rare thing, a finely crafted literary novel that is genuinely moving and full of heart' - The Age'an understated and beautifully penned story set on the Tasmanian coast, gives voice to two brothers as their lives are influenced by unpredictable forces....Parrett's writing is exquisite in its simplicity and eloquence, and her narrative is heart-rending.This poignant story resonates' - Kirkus Reviews, USA'Beautiful, stripped-back prose...there is magic here. Like Cormac McCarthy, Parrett packs a huge emotional punch thanks to the elegant brevity of her style. Stark, but unforgettable...' - Marie Claire, UK'If you read only one book this year make sure it's this' - The Sunday Times, Tasmania'I loved Past the Shallows' - Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds

Find out more at Harry and Miles's story is bookended by the evocative passage: "Out past the shallows, past the sandybottomed bays, comes the dark water—black and cold and roaring. Rolling out the invisible paths .

February 6, 2020. CLEAR Education is here to bring you another blog post! This time we are going to dive into Favel Parrett's Past the Shallows and how it represents the inconsistencies of relationships, inviting us as the responder to reconsider contrasting familial relationships, as we understand that they have the power to both empower and hinder ... Past the Shallows is a novel of the bond of brotherhood and the fragility of youth.