Engaging Autism

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Stanley I. Greenspan, Serena Wieder
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Grateful parents and professionals worldwide have welcomed this essential guide to the highly recommended Floortime approach for treating children with any of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Now available in paperback, Engaging Autism includes new, exciting information on neuroscience research into the effects of this approach, plus guidance for parents navigating the controversies surrounding the treatment of autism.Unlike approaches that focus on changing specific behavior, Greenspan's program promotes the building blocks of healthy emotional and behavioral development. He shows that, remarkably, children with ASD do not have a fixed, limited potential, and may often join their peers to lead full, psychologically healthy lives. The Floortime approach can also be applied at any age—including early infancy, when the first signs of risk for ASD may appear—so that preventing the full development of autism becomes a real possibility.

They might be slower to develop language, have no language at all, or have significant difficulties in understanding or using spoken language. California and other states have similar programs, but after much research there was nothing in our area available to families with autism spectrum children, so I started ENGAGING AUTISM NJ. We would love your help in making our dream a reality, over 15 years of non-profit experience and two M.Ed BOD members, also seeking more BOD members that wish to help support families with autism. Engaging Autism Archive; Nonprofit connecting young families living with autism to the information, strategies and support they need to engage fully in their homes, schools and community.

Unlike approaches that focus on changing specific behaviour, Greenspan's program promotes the building blocks of healthy emotional and behavioural development. He ... Create a retreat.