The Girl on the Cliff

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Lucinda Riley
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Settle into the beautiful family drama from the international bestselling author of Richard & Judy pick The Butterfly Room and The Seven Sisters series Why has a secret from 1914 caused a century of heartache? After a devastating loss, Grania Ryan returns home to Ireland and the arms of her loving family. There, she meets young Aurora while walking along the cliffs. Mysteriously drawn to her, Grania discovers that the histories of their families are strangely and deeply entwined. From a bittersweet romance in wartime London, to a troubled relationship in contemporary New York, the two families, past and present, have been entangled for a century. Can Aurora help Grania understand the past, and change her future? Haunting, intriguing and deeply moving, The Girl on the Cliff tells of the triumph of hope over loss. Praise for Lucinda Riley 'Thoroughly addictive storytelling with a moving, emotional heart' Dinah Jefferies 'A brilliant page-turner' Daily Mail 'An absolutely fantastic storyteller' Katherine Webb 'Brilliant escapism' Red

It is understood the girl had wandered away from her family, who'd been on a day walk in the Sand River Conservation Area. Daphne is going off the deep end and has everyone worried. Emmett plans the perfect prom but Bay feels she must take a stand which might mean no prom at all.

There was a huge and cry over the adverse impact of oil spill on the marine life and fishing industry. The media was taking a very ... Here, on the cliff edge in the middle of a storm, she meets a young girl, Aurora Lisle, who will profoundly change her life.