The Wrong Callahan

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Karly Lane
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'With gentle touches of humour, a big dollop of romance, a sprinkle of history, a dusting of mystery and a drop of magic to froth up the tale, you do not want to miss Someone Like You.' Mrs B's Book Reviews THE CALLAHANS OF STRINGYBARK CREEK - Book 1 It had been two long years since Lincoln Callahan had stood in front of the gates to Stringybark Creek. He was in the army then - a lifetime ago. Linc had always been the unsettled Callahan, looking for danger, the one who couldn't wait to leave the family farm. Linc's little brother, Griffin, was the dependable son, the one who stayed at home, the one who did the right things. And, now, the one who has feelings for rebellious city girl, Cash Sullivan. When Linc locks eyes with Cash at a family dinner, their swift attraction floors him. But Cash is his brother's girlfriend ... what is he thinking? As Linc, Griff and Cash form an uneasy triangle, each of them have personal demons to face before they can open their hearts. '... easy, friendly, and all so natural ... ' on Someone Like You 'I love this story, I love these characters ...' Beauty and Lace on Someone Like You

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This comes as a bit of a shock to city girl Cash Sullivan who is in town to help out at best friend Savannah's Day Spa. Cash has always kept to ... Prices (including delivery) for The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane.