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Samantha Maiden
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Secrets, lies, lawyers and covert recordings. If you thought the 2019 election was just about a death tax that didn't exist, you're in for a surprise. From the dark arts of the dirt units to the role of billionaire Clive Palmer, this is the untold story of an election debacle. The Labor Party was the unbeatable favourite to win the 2019 election right up until the polls closed and voters delivered the surprise verdict. If the results staggered pundits, they also shocked Bill Shorten and his frontbench, who had spent the final weeks of the campaign carefully planning for their first days in office. Party Animals uncovers the secret history of a Labor fiasco, the untold story behind Scott Morrison's miracle

We... The latest tweets from @happyhappynemo Turn up the volume and get your friends together for a Party Animals dance party with this mix featuring songs by Parry Gripp. With songs featuring sharks, l... More party animals to choose from Since version 0.35 the array of available characters has increased to 18, choose your favourite and feel free to request any color tone for them.

We couldn't have asked for a better response from everyone during this event. Party Animals achieved so much in the past week, even reaching the top 4 played games on Steam, which is beyond our wildest dreams. "Party Animals" is the last episode of Season 2 of Rugrats.