Local is Lovely

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Sophie Hansen
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'What I love about this book is, firstly it comes from incredibly passionate people - they care about farming, they care about produce and they care about seasonality, which is something true to my heart. It also has some fantastic recipes that I think I'm going to steal!' Matt Moran For the love of fresh, seasonal food, nice farmers and their produce. Local is Lovely is a seasonal guide to the fruit, vegetables and meat that Australian farmers produce. Beautiful recipes, tips for the home and family, and stories and interviews with and about local producers - because local is lovely. Follow Sophie Hansen as she takes us on a journey with the farmers and producers she loves to cook with. From delicious, ripe stonefruit through to wholesome freshly milled flour, you'll learn everything you need to know about eating local, direct from the source. A gorgeously illustrated celebration of Australian rural life with a focus on fresh, local food and mouth-watering recipes.

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