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Warren Brown
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Is there a field of gold lying in the Australian outback, where nuggets are 'as thick as plums in a pudding'? When Harold Bell Lasseter disappeared it could have been the end of a mystery that began the day he staggered out of the desert at the turn of the 20th century, almost dead, his pockets bulging with gold, claiming to have found a 15 kilometre gold reef. It was mystery that deepened when he and a surveyor returned to the isolated and mysterious Petermann Ranges where the reef was supposed to be located - and couldn't find it. It became legendary when the largest inland expedition since Burke and Wills was launched and, from the start, like Burke and Wills, was doomed because the partners only had one thing in common: greed. In LASSETER'S GOLD, Warren Brown vividly recreates the drama of the search - the characters, the fights, the soaring temperatures, the impossible terrain, the plane crash, the pistol-carrying dingo-skinner who appeared out of nowhere. He also asks just who was this man Lasseter? A one-time sailor, a bigamist, a man who claimed John Bradfield stole his plans for a single span bridge to cross Sydney Harbour - was he also a very, very good liar? The entries in Lasseter's diaries suggest he did find the gold, but that by then it was too late. The expedition had finished, he was alone and what he needed was food. Or did he? Was the body they found even his? What did happen to his vast, lost treasure? Did it ever exist? Does it still exist? LASSETER'S GOLD is the gripping story of an outback legend, a myth and, perhaps, a field of gold - there for the taking?

Is it just a myth - or is there really a massive gold reef out there, just waiting to be discovered? ISBN: 9780733631603 9780733631603 Category: Biography: general Publication Date: 28-07-2015 Publisher: Hachette Australia Edition: 1st Edition Pages: 352 Dimensions (mm): 232x143x27mm Weight: 0.5kg. Our Australian supplier has this ... Lasseter's Reef refers to the purported discovery, announced by Harold Bell Lasseter in 1929 and 1930, of a fabulously rich gold deposit in a remote and desolate corner of central Australia.

The gold is still yet to be found. So it's no surprise one of our greatest legends involves a search for a mysterious vein of gold. In 1929 Lewis Hubert Lasseter (1880-1931) began writing to federal and state politicians describing a reef in Central Australia bearing gold "as thick as plums in a pudding". In 1929 Lasseter claimed to have discovered a gold reef years earlier, in the harsh terrain of Central Australia.